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HPE JS Project Scripts

Commonly used scripts and utilities to bootstrap your project. This package currently supports eslint and prettier. Jest, react-testing-library and husky support is on the immediate roadmap.

To setup eslint

Before installing dependencies check your project's package.json for existing eslint dependencies, remove any dependencies or dev-dependencies containing eslint as well as any existing .eslintrc files.

  1. In your projects root folder run npm install -D @hpe/project-scripts or yarn add -D @hpe/project-scripts
  2. create a .eslintrc.js in your project's root folder
  3. Add the following snippet to your eslintrc file
const scripts = require('@hpe/project-scripts');
module.exports = scripts.eslint;

Note: If you're running create react app you may see an error when airbnb config tries to load. As humans have not totally mastered package management, the following solution will fix it - rm -rf node_modules && rm yarn.lock && yarn ????

  1. Create a .eslintignore file. This file will vary depending on your project structure, here is a good starting point

To setup prettier

Prettier requires some setup on your IDE's end. The following instructions are for VS Code users. Similarly to our eslint setup, you'll need to remove any Prettier dependencies in your project's package.json prior to installing this to avoid dependency conflicts.

  1. Install the Prettier extension from the marketplace.

  2. In your VS Code settings (Preferences -> Settings) click the curly brackets icon in the top right to enable the plain text settings view and add the following:

// Set the default
"editor.formatOnSave": false,
// Enable per-language
"[javascript]": {
    "editor.formatOnSave": true
  1. Create a .prettierrc.js in your project's root folder.

  2. Add the following to your prettierrc:

const scripts = require('@hpe/project-scripts');
module.exports = scripts.prettier;
  1. Create a .prettierignore in your root folder.

  2. Similarly to your eslint's ignore file, the contents of this file will depend on your project's structure. Here's a good starting point:


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