A simple utility to export HTML based presentation to PDF.
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$ cnpm install @hoverbaum/slides-to-pdf 
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Slides to PDF

JavaScript Style Guide

This utility exports HTML based slides as a single PDF file.

Install and use

❗️Requires Java 6 or higher to be installed❗️

The Java requirement comes from our dependency on easy-merge-pdf, we are open to alternatives.

npm i -g @hoverbaum/slides-to-pdf

To use the tool make sure your presentation is running at a reachable url and provide it as baseUrl.

slides-to-pdf <baseUrl>

We assume that your slides will be reachable under baseUrl/SlideNumber.


Tested and working

Future support

  • reveal.js - Nested slides are not yet supported, as well as reveal.js transitions.

Let me know if you make any experiences.

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