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Holo CLI is designed to streamline common workflows in the Holo Hosting architecture. It can be used for sending commands to conductor, calling the Envoy adminstrative API or the infrastructure API. There are built-in commands for the main hApp Store and Holo Hosting App operations (HHA) such as create_app, register_app, or enable_app.

Note: hApp developers do not need this tool. This tool only assists developers who are contributing to the Holo Hosting infrastructure.


Local install

npm install @holo-host/holo-cli

// Run with
npx holo --help

Global install

npm install -g @holo-host/holo-cli

// Run with
holo --help

Sub-command Modules

  • Admin - Administrative commands to conductor
  • hApp - hApp store controls
  • Provider - Provider controls and management
  • Host - Manage host details and enabled apps

holo admin

Command line controls for the conductor's admin API

This sub-command has its own subcommand list:

  • holo admin dna
  • holo admin agent
  • holo admin interface
  • holo admin instance

holo happ

Command line controls for the hApp Store

holo provider

Command line controls for the Holo Hosting App provider zome

holo host

Command line controls for the Holo Hosting App host zome

Manually calls using holo call <instance> <zome> <func> [args...]

The [args...] are converted to JSON using the args2json NPM module.

Example of manually configuring what holo host register <kyc_proof> does

holo call holo-hosting-app host register_as_host "host_doc.kyc_proof=<kyc_proof>"

Another example of manually configuring what holo provider register-app <happ_hash> <domain_name> does.

holo call holo-hosting-app provider register_app "app_bundle.happ_hash=<happ_hash>" "domain_name.dns_name=<domain_name>"

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