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This module provides the implementation of HERE's Optimized Map for Visualization (OMV) Datasource.

This format follows the Vector Tile Specification. This JSON format contains geometries, such as points and lines that define polygons, labels, such as road names or city names, and other kinds of data that are typically passed to a renderer to draw a map.

Each tile is encoded using Protobuf.

REST Clients

HERE Vector Tiles

REST service implemented with APIFormat.HereV1 in OmvRestClient.ts if you want to use AuthenticationTypeBearer by default, if you want to use APIKey you can use APIFormat.XYZOMV.

You can find more about the different access methods here.

The HERE Vector Tile Service allows you to request tiles containing vector data using content from the HERE Open Location Platform.

HERE provides global coverage and updates the data continuously. For more information about our map content, see the HERE Map Content Guidelines.


REST services implemented with APIFormat.XYZMVT, APIFormat.XYZJson and APIFormat.XYZOMV in OmvRestClient.ts.

The HERE XYZ Services offer three variants:

You can find more about the HERE XYZ Services here.

Mapbox Vector Tiles

REST service implemented with APIFormat.MapboxV7 in OmvRestClient.ts.

You can find more information here.

Tom Tom Vector Tiles

You can find more information here.

Usage of REST APIs and authentication

It is not within the scope of harp.gl to provide credentials to all of the services implemented above, but following the links you can do it by yourself. On our Getting Started Guide there is more information about getting credentials for HERE Services.

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