A groovier development workflow experience
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$ cnpm install @helpscout/groovy 
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???? Groovy

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A groovier development workflow experience

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npm install -g @helpscout/groovy


To start using Groovy, run either the groovy or gv in your Terminal:


You should see this very groovy help text, with a list of handy commands:

????  Groovy
gv <command>

gv open

-V, --version       output the version number
-h, --help          output usage information

config|c [options]  Configures Groovy
open|o [options]    Open somethin' in a browser
new|n [options]     Create somethin' new

Anytime you need help, just add -h at the end of your Groovy command ????

Groovy baby, yea!

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