Command Line Interface for the upgradeable smart contract framework
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HAECHI-CLI (haechi-cli)

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Command Line Interface for the upgradeable smart contract framework.

HAECHI-CLI is a new Command Line Interface tool created to help developers easily develop better DApps by providing an upgradeable smart contract framework as well as new development tools.

Upgradeable Smart Contract helps to easily fix bugs and update business logics for the Dapp service. It also provides a high-quality user experience while maintaining the same entry point for users and updating smart contracts atomically.

It helps to develop, upgrade, test, compile and control the user’s current version of the Dapp service.

If you want more information about the Upgradeable Smart Contract Framework, you can take a look at the HAECHI-LABS pdf file.

Contributors: Please see the Contributing section of this README.

Table of Contents


Install Node.js first. Then, install npm and

$ npm install --global haechi-cli

or install yarn and

$ yarn global add haechi-cli


For a default set of files, run the following within an empty project directory:

$ mkdir my-project
$ cd my-project
$ haechi init

You don't have to do $ npm init or $ truffle init. We supports environment for truffle.

See details for $ haechi init.

Then, install node modules according to package.json.

$ npm install


$ yarn install

We recommend to use ganache for test.

Next, you have to write:

  • .env : General settings for your project
  • service.haechi.json : Settings for your Dapp service

Please see CONFIGURATION.md to configure your project.

Run $ haechi --help for more details about functions of haechi-cli.


Please see linked documentation below:

  • init: Initialize project directory
  • compile: Compile solidity contract files
  • deploy-contract: Deploy contract
  • deploy-service: Deploy service according to Upgradeable Smart Contract Framework
  • abi-to-script: Generate javascript APIs interacting with smart contract on blockchain
  • flatten: Flatten several contract files in one file


Thank you for considering to join this project! We always welcome contributors :)

Notes on project main branches:

  • master: Stable, released version
  • dev: Work targeting stable release

To contribute, please see CONTRIBUTING.md.




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