Node.js client to interact with the Marvel Developer API: https://developer.marvel.com
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Marvel API Node Cient

| Data provided by Marvel. © 2014 Marvel

First of all, I want to thank Marvel for providing a fantastic Developer API to expose their rich data sets for us. This project is an attempt to make this API more accessible to those accessing it via Node.js while helping the applications operate within the guidelines of the API.


  • ETag Support: fully cached response keyed by URL+params replayed on 304 status codes.
  • Export/Import Cache: allows application to perisist cache as desired
  • Readable API: logical method signature follows the endpoint pattern


Install this module via your package manager.

# via npm
$ npm install --save @guahanweb/node-marvel-api

# via yarn
$ yarn add @guahanweb/node-marvel-api


In order to use this, you must configure a Developer account on the Marvel API website. Once you have generated an access key pair, you will need to use them to initialize the API client.

// Initialize your client with your tokens
const Marvel = require('@guahanweb/marvel-api').init({
	public_key: PUBLIC_KEY,
	private_key: PRIVATE_KEY

Once initialized, the client may be used to retrieve data:

// Retrieve list of Characters
//   Endpoint: /characters
// Retrieve a single character's creators
//   Endpoint: /characters/{characterId}/creators

Query Object

When specifying your query, a query object is returned that can be used to chain subsequent requests. It is the execute() method on the Query object that returns a promise that will be resolved with the Response from the API.

If you want to paginate through all the results of a particular query, you might want to use the .next iterator on the Query.

let query = Marvel.comics({ dateDescriptor: 'thisMonth' });

function handlePage(res) {
	console.log(`Processing ${res.data.count}/${res.data.total} results`);
	query = query.next;
	if (query !== null) {
	} else {

This code will output something like this:

Processing 20/142 results
Processing 20/142 results
Processing 20/142 results
Processing 20/142 results
Processing 20/142 results
Processing 20/142 results
Processing 20/142 results
Processing 2/142 results

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