Background Cloud Function to monitor a Cloud Storage bucket
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$ cnpm install @growit-io/google-cloud-storage-function 
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Google Cloud Storage Function

Background Function that handles object change events from a Cloud Storage bucket, and runs predefined actions for events matching a configurable set of rules.


  • Access to an existing Google Cloud project.
  • A Cloud Storage bucket to monitor in your project.
  • An idea of some actions you want to perform when events are emitted by the bucket.

Initial Setup

Check out the examples and copy one of them as a starting point for your own Cloud Function. Each example comes with complete setup instructions.

Basic Usage

 * Background Cloud Function triggered by Cloud Storage events
 * @param {object} event The Cloud Storage event
 * @return {Promise}
exports.monitor = require('@growit-io/google-cloud-storage-function')({
  // See Configuration, below
  loadConfigFromBucket: false,
  loadConfigFromSource: false,
  directories: {
    source: 'content',
    target: 'cache'
  rules: [{
    events: ['add','update'],
    actions: ['copy']
    events: ['delete'],
    actions: ['deleteAll']


The default configuration is in config.js. This default configuration will be merged at runtime with your own deployment configuration in config.json, the configuration supplied to the constructor of this Background Function, and with /config.json from the bucket, if it exists and loadConfigFromBucket is true.


The top-level configuration options below affect the Background Function's mode of operation, and how it generates its runtime configuration.

option default description
dev true if directories.source exists in local filesystem; false, otherwise Whether to enable local development mode. In local development node, all Cloud Storage operations are mapped to the local filesystem.
loadConfigFromBucket true Whether load /config.json from the Cloud Storage bucket, if it exists.
loadConfigFromSource true Whether load config.json from the Cloud Function source directory, if it exists.


The verbosity of the Background Function logs can be controlled with the logger.level option. Leave this at a reasonable low setting to avoid log spam if your bucket receives a lot of changes.

option default description
logger.level "warn" Log level for the modules in the Background Function ("error" < "warn" < "info" < "debug")


The Background Function will only evaluate rules for objects within directories.source, and modify objects only in directories.target. This restriction has a dual-purpose: to avoid event loops, and to encourage a distinction between original content and generated content in your bucket. If this is too restrictive for your scenario, set both options to "" to evaluate rules on all events, and to let actions modify objects anywhere in the bucket.

option default description
directories.source content Input directory within the Cloud Storage bucket to monitor for changes.
directories.target cache Output directory within the Cloud Storage bucket where the source hierarchy is mirrored, and possibly altered by the configured actions for a matching rule.

File Types

The only file type that has special significance is image; other file types may be defined to simplify your rules. The optiimise function in file.js detects whether a file is an image based on the configured image file type.

option default description
filetypes[name].match Regular expression matching the relative path of the object in the event


  "filetypes": {
    "image": {
      "match": "\\.(png|jpg|gif)$"
    "json": {
      "match": "\\.json$"


Predefined actions can be referenced in the Rules section by name. By default, all exported functions in the file module are available to rules as actions. All other actions have to be defined in the configuration before they can be referenced in a rule.

option default description
actions[name].module "file" Name of a JavaScript module within @growit-io/google-cloud-storage-function without the .js suffix
actions[name].function name Name of an exported function in the module. Defaults to the name of the defined action.
actions[name].options {} Options to pass as options argument to the action function


Rules are evaluated sequentially for each change event emitted by the Cloud Storage bucket that relates to a file object within directories.source. Events for directories and file objects outside of the source directory are ignored. If a rule matches, then its actions are run in sequence and the rule evaluation stops, unless the rule has continue set to true.

option default description
rules[].events Names of event types to match ("add", "update", "delete")
rules[].filetypes Names of defined File Types the object in the event must match
rules[].match Regular expression matched against the path of the object in the event
rules[].actions [] Names of defined Actions to run in sequence, if this rule matches
rules[].continue false Whether to continue evaluation of other rules, if this one matches


npm install --dev
mkdir -p content
npm run watch




See the LICENSE file.

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