Simplifies the Deployment Manager configuration management
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$ cnpm install @growit-io/gcloud-project 
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The gcloud-project command reduces the amount of manual steps required to work with Deployment Manager configuration sources, deployments, and projects on Google Cloud Platform. Check the examples out.



npm install -g @growit-io/gcloud-project


List all commands and other help topics.

gcloud-project --help


Create a new project.

gcloud-project new example-project

Update gcloud-project to the latest version in your project.

cd example-project
gcloud-project init

Cloud Projects & Deployments

Deploy the example directly from source into a fresh cloud project.

gcloud-project create --set-as-default
gcloud-project deploy
gcloud-project deployments

Delete the current cloud project when it is no longer needed, or delete another project by passing its PROJECT_ID.

gcloud-project delete

List the existing cloud projects created from this source project, if any.

gcloud-project list


Test your changes before submitting a PR.

npm test


See the CHANGELOG.md file.


See the LICENSE file.

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