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$ cnpm install @gooddata/gdc-embed-gdui 
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A Node utility for embedding Insights created in Analytical Designer onto pixel-perfect dashboards

This util logs into the GoodData platform and lets user choose a project and an insight created in Analytical Designer. It then generates the following files:

  • index.html
  • gooddata_react_components_bundle.js
  • gooddata_react_components_bundle.css

To create the js and css file, vanillajs bundler was used with @gooddata/react-components@v6.2.0.

When the three (3) files above are generated, they can be uploaded to some secure (HTTPS) hosting (e.g. Amazon S3 bucket) and index.html can be used as a source URL for Web Content component on a pixel-perfect dashboard.

❗️Hostname URL must be enabled as CORS origin for the GoodData domain. If CORS is not set up, contact GoodData Support.❗️


We use yarn dependency manager in this tutorial. To install it, follow its documentation.

  • $ yarn global add gdc-embed-gdui


  1. $ gdc-embed-gdui --hostname https://developer.na.gooddata.com/ # replace the hostname if needed
  2. Provide credentials
  3. Choose a project
  4. Choose an insight

Three (3) files should have been generated in the folder from where you run this util: html, js and css.

  1. Upload all three (3) files to a secure (i.e. HTTPS supported) hosting.
  2. Copy the URL of index.html.
  3. Visit a pixel-perfect dashboard, go to Edit mode, add a Web Content component and paste the URL.
  4. Insight created in Analytical Designer should appear on pixel-perfect dashboard.

Run gdc-embed-gdui --help for all possible commands.

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