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$ cnpm install @golden-unicorn/ali-oss-upload-cli 
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1. Install package

npm install --save ali-oss-upload-cli

2. Add an oss config file oss.secret.json under your project's directory.

  "region": "oss-cn-shanghai",
  "bucket": "demo-static",
  "accessKeyId": "xxxxxx",
  "accessKeySecret": "xxxxxx"

you should add this secret file to .gitignore file for preventing commit.

[Option] the config file can also be a js module and you can read id and secret from process env.

module.exports = {
  region: 'oss-cn-qingdao',
  bucket: 'qgt-paper',
  accessKeyId: process.env.TEST_OSS_ID,
  accessKeySecret: process.env.TEST_OSS_SECRET,

3. Run upload command

# upload dist dir to remote `/collab-static`
oss-upload dist -o /collab-static -c config/oss.secret.json

# upload to bucket root dir
oss-upload priv/static -o / -c config/oss.secret.json

# config can be a node module
oss-uplaod priv/static -o / -c config/oss.config.js

# you can omit arg `-c` if config file in the default location: $project/oss.config.js
oss-upload dist -o '/'
# clear remote directory before uploading
oss-upload dist -o '/' -C

4. For help

oss-upload -h  # for help

Usage: oss-upload [options] <dir>


    -V, --version        output the version number
    -o, --output <dir>   remote directory
    -C, --clear          clear remote directory before uploading
    -c, --config <file>  oss config file
    -h, --help           output usage information

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