A library for scroll-driven vertical carousels
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$ cnpm install @gluedigital/scroll-carousel 
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A library for scroll-driven vertical carousels.


To install it:

npm install --save @gluedigital/scroll-carousel

To use it:

import ScrollCarousel from '@gluedigital/scroll-carousel'
import '@gluedigital/scroll-carousel/css/index.css'

// ...

  <div>First slide</div>
  <div>Second slide</div>
  <div>Last slide</div>


The following props can be used:

Name Type Description
className string Base classname to use. Status classes will be added to it.
timeout number How long should the leaving slide stay on the DOM, in ms.


This package uses nwb for the build. Take a look at their documentation for more info.

TL;DR: after installing nwb, just do npm start to open the dev environment.

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