Allows usage of @include (of .scss) akin to require (of .js) in node.js
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$ cnpm install @giladgray/node-sass-import 
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Allows usage of @import "some-sass-npm-module" akin to require("some-npm-module") in node.js


$ npm install --save node-sass-import


Used in conjunction with node-sass. In a simple npm-only build setup, the example below in package.json should suffice.

  "name": "your-package",
  "description": "fun package",
  "main": "index.js",
  "scripts": {
    "build-css": "node-sass test.scss dist/test.css --importer node_modules/node-sass-import"

You can now build your scss files as follows

$ npm run build-css


@import in sass can now be used just like a require statement. The example below imports the main scss file from the newsapps-syles npm module. At build time, all @import statements will be resolved locally or like npm modules. Also includes support for partial (e.g. _partial.scss).

@import "newsapps-styles";

.some-style {
  color: $primary-blue;


Coming soon...


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