Generate tiles pyramid for an image.
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$ cnpm install @geopan.io/pyramid 
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Generate tiles pyramid for an image.

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This assumes that Node.js has already been installed.

npm update @geopan.io/pyramid -g


pyramid <image>


  • The image tiling happens in parallel for a given level. This could be improved to both speed up the process as well as limiting the risk for spike in CPU consumption.
  • There is risk that for really big images, like orthophoto, the memory suffers with this approach and I would concider using node stream interface instead.
  • I would add unit testing. Currently a single one to illustrate how to deal with Jest.


pyramid -h

# Return

Usage: pyramid [options] <image>

Create a pyramid of tiles from an image

  -V, --version              output the version number
  -o, --output <output>      destination folder. Default is ./{image}_tiles
  -t, --tilesize <tilesize>  tile size. Default is 256px
  -h, --help                 display help for command

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