Build application ES compatible library with Rollup
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$ cnpm install @geoapps/libbuilder 
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This tool is created for web application libraries' easy building in various output formats using Babel and Rollup.


npm install @geoapps/libbuilder --dev
yarn add @geoapps/libbuilder --dev


  • CLI:

    libbuilder --name NameOfTheLib --base-path /path/to/project/root/dir
  • Programmatic:

    const libBuilder = require('@geoapps/libbuilder');
      name: 'NameOfTheLib',
      basePath: '/path/to/project/root/dir'


Here is a list of all available options for CLI (programmatic) usage:

  • --name (name) Name of output package.
  • --base-path (basePath) Path of base directory to resolve everything to (default is . meaning directory of CLI execution, usually it's a root directory of repository).
  • --input-dir-name (inputDirName) Relative path to input directory (default is src).
  • --input-file-name (inputFileName) Name of input SASS file (default is index).
  • --input-es-extension-prefix (inputEsExtensionPrefix) Extension prefix of input file meant to create output ES module (default is empty string).
  • --input-umd-extension-prefix (inputUmdExtensionPrefix) Extension prefix of input file meant to create output UMD module (default is .umd).
  • --input-translations-dir-name (inputTranslationsDirName) Path to translations subdirectory relative to input directory.
  • --output-dir-name (outputDirName) Relative path to output directory (default is dist).
  • --output-es-extension-prefix (outputEsExtensionPrefix) Extension prefix of output ES file (default is .es).
  • --output-umd-extension-prefix (outputUmdExtensionPrefix) Extension prefix of output UMD file (default is empty string).
  • --output-common-dir-name (outputCommonDirName) Relative path to output directory for Common.js modules (default is lib).
  • --output-formats (outputFormats) Output formats (default is ['es', 'umd', 'common']).
  • --globals-file-name (globalsFileName) Relative path to JSON file describing globals for Rollup (default is rollup.globals.json).
  • --external-file-name (externalFileName) Relative path to JSON file describing external modules for Rollup (default is rollup.external.json).
  • --recursive-deps-reg-exp (recursiveDepsRegExp) Regular expression to filter names of package's dependencies and dev dependencies in order to grab their globals and external configuration recursively.
  • --recursive-deps-reg-exp-modifiers (recursiveDepsRegExpModifiers) Modifiers for recursive-deps-reg-exp (recursiveDepsRegExp).
  • --clean (clean) Clean output directories before building.
  • --watch (watch) Watch and rebuild on changes (default is false).
  • --verbose (verbose) Verbose mode (default is false).


List of code changes for each version is available.

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