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Goat is a simple to use taskrunner for frontend development.

Why Goat

Instead of defining and maintaining separate setups for compiling, linting and building your code, goat aims to have a predefined, flexible setup that's easy to initialize and to keep up to date.

Available Task

Goat contains separate packages which define tasks. Per project you can choose which tasks you want to configure. Each package defines tasks which can be run manually or, if supported, use the integrated watch flag to watch relevant files and run the tasks when a change is detected.

Also goat includes an integrated watch command which combines all watch enabled tasks in one command.

Currently Goat includes several tasks:


A complete workflow to compile your SASS/SCSS. It Integrates an autoprefixer, compass support and a minifier.


Automatically compile your ES6 to ES5 compatible code. Files suffixed with .es6.js will be detected and converted to work according to the defined browser support settings.


Lint files suffixed with .es6.js according to the AirBnB standard


Generate custom modernizr.js files by analizing your css and js files.


Initialize a styleguide using Fractal.



To start using goat in your project, just run goat init.

Check available Tasks

Run goat to display the help which lists all the available tasks.

Watch project

Run all watch enabled tasks simultaneously typing goat watch in your terminal.


All code released under MIT

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