Check out [eslint-config-airbnb-base](https://github.com/airbnb/javascript/tree/master/packages/eslint-config-airbnb-base/rules) for a list of all the rules we are inheriting.
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$ cnpm install @gabehayes/eslint-config-javascript 
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Check out eslint-config-airbnb-base for a list of all the rules we are inheriting.

Table of Contents

  1. Installation
  2. Rules
    1. import/first
    2. import/no-extraneous-dependencies
    3. import/order
    4. import/resolver
    5. wyze/sort-imports


Install the package.

yarn add @keenai/eslint-config-javascript

Then, extend @keenai/javascript in your ESLint configuration file.

  extends: [



We prefer alphabetical sorting. No preference given to absolute versus relative.


Modified to exclude known development files. If you are writing a story or test, you should be able to import a package listed under devDependencies without any lint errors. Otherwise, if you are importing a package that is not listed under dependencies, this check will fail.


See import/first.

Also, the options here are, while well defined and understandable, super confusing.


This gives you an opportunity to define module paths. If you want to be able to import something absolutely, from outside of the node_modules folder, you will need to set your NODE_PATH environment variable to a string of module paths, separated by :.

For example, if you had something like this:

import SomeThing from '../../../some/thing';
import OtherThing from '../../../other/thing';

With a folder structure like this:


You could use the NODE_PATH environment variable to set src to as a module path.


Now you can:

import SomeThing from 'some/thing';
import OtherThing from 'other/thing';

How you provide the environment variable is up to you. You could always override the setting from your configuration file if you'd like.

The important thing to not is that the environment variable needs to be readable within the scope of your ESLint configuration file.

I prefer to use the dotenv package and check a .env file into my repositories.

Then, require('dotenv') from the top of my .eslintrc.js file.


Case-insensitive sorting of imports in alphabetical order, except flow types. Import types before anything else.

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