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$ cnpm install @g-script/gbulk 
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gbulk is a CLI built to work with Github repositories in bulk.

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✨ Features

  • Authentication through Github OAuth personal access token
  • Backup of authenticated user’s repositories, with support of filters on repository privacy (public and/or private) and affiliation (owner and/or collaborator and/or member)
  • Interactive mode for the lazy

Coming soon:

  • Backup of any user/organization repositories user has access to
  • Transfering
  • Archiving

???? Usage

$ npm install -g @g-script/gbulk
$ gbulk COMMAND
running command...
$ gbulk (-v|--version|version)
@g-script/gbulk/1.1.0 linux-x64 node-v12.14.1
$ gbulk --help [COMMAND]
  $ gbulk COMMAND

After installation, the only thing you need to do is generate a new personal access token with following permissions :

  • repo / public_repo - minimum requirement to backup a user/organization public repositories
  • repo - required to backup private repositories

Then run gbulk login

???? Commands

gbulk backup [FROM] [DESTINATION]

backup repositories

  $ gbulk backup [FROM] [DESTINATION]

  FROM         [default: nicolas-goudry] user name or organization name to backup from
  DESTINATION  [default: /home/nicolas/dev/osp/gbulk/gbulk-backup-1581525572485] backup destination path

  -c, --clean-refs         clean GitHub specific pull refs (refs/pull) from backup repositories
  -h, --help               show CLI help
  -i, --interactive        interactive mode

  -m, --match=match        include only repositories whose name is matching specified string or regex pattern (omitting
                           start and end delimiters)

  -p, --parallel=parallel  [default: 8] backup multiple repositories in parallel

  -q, --quiet              disable logging

  -x, --exclude=exclude    exclude repositories whose name is matching specified string or regex pattern (omitting start
                           and end delimiters)

  --[no-]collaborator      include/exclude repositories where user is collaborator

  --[no-]lfs               include LFS objects in backup

  --[no-]member            include/exclude repositories where user is member

  --[no-]owner             include/exclude owned repositories

  --private                include/exclude private repositories

  --public                 include/exclude public repositories

  With gbulk, you can backup from different sources:
  - to backup repositories you own, run gbulk backup without arguments (if you want to specify a backup path, use gbulk 
  - to backup repositories of another user, run gbulk backup $USERNAME
  - to backup repositories of an organization, run gbulk backup $ORGNAME

  Git LFS objects will be backup if git-lfs is available in path.

See code: src/commands/backup.js

gbulk help [COMMAND]

display help for gbulk

  $ gbulk help [COMMAND]

  COMMAND  command to show help for

  --all  see all commands in CLI

See code: @oclif/plugin-help

gbulk login

login to Github

  $ gbulk login

  -h, --help     show CLI help
  -v, --verbose  verbose mode

  To authenticate to Github with gbulk, go grab a personal access token at https://github.com/settings/tokens
  Each command needs access to different scopes, see individual command help section to know which scopes are needed.

See code: src/commands/login.js

gbulk logout

logout from Github

  $ gbulk logout

  -h, --help  show CLI help

  Erase authentication details from configuration file

See code: src/commands/logout.js

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