A builder archetype for static pages
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$ cnpm install @fundamend/builder-static-archetype 
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A static page archetype for builder.


  1. Install builder as dev dependency with:

    yarn add builder --dev
  2. Install builder-static-archetype as dev dependency with:

    yarn add @fundamend/builder-static-archetype --dev
  3. Add the following to your .builderrc:

      - builder-static-archetype


The following scripts are available through builder-static-archetype:

  • npm:serve: Starts a development server with Netlify Dev
  • npm:clean: Deletes all files created during development and production builds
  • npm:clean:dev: Deletes all files created during development builds
  • npm:clean:prod: Deletes all files created during production builds
  • npm:dev: Creates a clean development build
  • npm:dev:eleventy: Builds static HTML files with Eleventy for development
  • npm:dev:parcel: Bundles a development build with Parcel
  • npm:prod: Creates a clean production build
  • npm:prod:eleventy: Builds static HTML files with Eleventy for production
  • npm:prod:parcel: Bundles a production build with Parcel
  • npm:lint: Runs all linters
  • npm:lint:css: Lints CSS with stylelint
  • npm:test: Runs all tests with Jest
  • npm:report: Creates all reports
  • npm:report:coverage: Creates a test coverage report with Istanbul
  • npm:report:audit: Creates an audit report with Lighthouse
  • npm:publish: Publishes all files
  • npm:publish:npm: Publishes to npm

These scripts can be used in your package.json like this:

	"scripts": {
		"clean": "builder run npm:clean",
		"clean:dev": "builder run npm:clean:dev",
		"clean:prod": "builder run npm:clean:prod",
		"dev": "builder run npm:dev",
		"prod": "builder run npm:prod",
		"lint": "builder run npm:lint",
		"test": "builder run npm:test",
		"report": "builder run npm:report",
		"publish": "builder run npm:publish",
		"serve": "builder run npm:serve"

...or directly in the terminal, like yarn builder run npm:xxx


To be able to develope and test quickly, link your local development version of builder-static-archetype to another project where you can test it, like so:

  1. Check out this repository
  2. Run yarn to install all dependencies
  3. Run yarn link
  4. Change to your projects folder and run yarn link builder-static-archetype
  5. Make your changes to builder-static-archetype and test them in your project
  6. When finished, run yarn unlink and release a new version

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