A builder archetype for static pages
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$ cnpm install @fundamend/builder-archetype-static 
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A static page archetype for builder.


  1. Install builder as dev dependency with:

    yarn add builder --dev
  2. Install builder-archetype-static as dev dependency with:

    yarn add @fundamend/builder-archetype-static --dev
  3. Add the following to your .builderrc:

      - "@fundamend/builder-archetype-static"


The following scripts are available through builder-archetype-static:

  • start:static: Starts a development server with Netlify Dev
  • clean:static: Deletes all files created during development and production builds
  • clean:static:dev: Deletes all files created during development builds
  • clean:static:prod: Deletes all files created during production builds
  • watch:static: Continually creates a clean development build
  • watch:static:eleventy: Continually builds static HTML files with Eleventy for development
  • watch:static:parcel: Continually bundles a development build with Parcel
  • watch:static:copy: Continually copies static files for development
  • build:static: Creates a clean production build
  • build:static:eleventy: Builds static HTML files with Eleventy for production
  • build:static:parcel: Bundles a production build with Parcel
  • build:static:copy: Copies static files for production
  • lint:static: Runs all linters
  • lint:static:css: Lints CSS with stylelint
  • test:static: Runs all tests with Jest
  • report:static: Creates all reports
  • report:static:coverage: Creates a test coverage report with Istanbul
  • report:static:quality: Creates an audit report with Lighthouse
  • bundle:static: Creates a local package for testing changes
  • publish:static: Publishes to npm

These scripts can be used in your package.json like this:

	"scripts": {
		"start": "builder run start:static",
		"clean": "builder run clean:static",
		"watch": "builder run watch:static",
		"build": "builder run build:static",
		"lint": "builder run lint:static",
		"test": "builder run test:static",
		"report": "builder run report:static",
		"bundle": "builder run bundle:static",
		"publish": "builder run publish:static"

...or directly in the terminal, like yarn builder run xxx:yyy


To be able to test a development version of builder-archetype-static in another project, pack it and install it locally, like so:

  1. Check out this repository
  2. Run yarn to install all dependencies
  3. Make your changes to builder-archetype-static
  4. Run yarn pack
  5. Change to your projects folder and run yarn add xxx.tgz
  6. Test the changes in your project
  7. When finished, reset your project's package.json to its previous state and delete the pack

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