a fugazi connector for executing commands over ssh
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$ cnpm install @fugazi/connector.ssh 
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A fugazi connector for SSH client, which adds the ability to execute commands on remote hosts, from the fugazi terminal client


The connector requires node.js to run, if you don't have it then download or use a package manager.

The package can be found in npm @fugazi/connector.ssh:

npm install @fugazi/connector.ssh

You then need to compile the typescript files:

npm run compile
// or
node_modules/typescript/bin/tsc -p scripts


node scripts/bin/index.js --host <hostname or ip> --username <username> --keyfile <private key> [additional options]


You are required to pass the following options:


The host to which to which to connect


The username with which to connect


The path to the private key file with which to authenticate

You may pass the following options to the connector when running it:


The port to which to connect, default is 22

node scripts/bin/index.js --port 33333

The port to which this connector service is bound, default is 22222

node scripts/bin/index.js --listen-port 23422

The host to which this connector service is bound, default is

node scripts/bin/index.js --listen-ip


Once the connector service starts it should print something like:

info: ===== ROUTES START =====
info: # Commands:
info:     GET : /ssh/execute
info: # Root modules:
info:     /ssh.json
info: ====== ROUTES END ======
info: server started. listening on
info: connector started

In a fugazi terminal (http://fugazi.io or if hosted anywhere else) load the module from the provided url:

load module from "http://localhost:22222/ssh.json"

Now you're ready to use the ssh module, for example:

execute "ls -l"

Should list the content of the current directory

Supported commands

The following commands are supported:

  • execute remote shell command

More commands to follow.


We'll be happy to get help with this connector (as with all fugazi repos), for example to add unimplemented commands.


Feel free to create issues if you're running into trouble, and welcome to ask any question in our gitter.

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