Convert Informer Report Live sheet url results. Reports output is a single json formatted field ending in _json. Output format json|csv.
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$ cnpm install @framptonsteve/infcnv 
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Informer Live Sheet json converter

Based on Entrinsik Informer v4.6.2 Live Sheet.

Purpose was to build an api-ish interface from Informer Reports.

Report must return a single json formatted field with a name ending in json. Build up a js structure using "Calculation" js field. Render using JSON.stringify structure.

Export Informer report to a Live Excel sheet. The resulting .iqy files have the url and the parameters. Parameters are numbered parameter_0,parameter_1 ... parameter_n. Recommend standard options for export, but with utf-8 instead of ansi.

The direct results from the Live Excel sheet are in the form of an html table. This module simply strips out html and properly forms a json array from the report results.

The output can be raw json or converted to csv.

Written as a command line utility with output to stdout.


npm install @framptonsteve/infcnv


node infcnv json|csv 'LiveExcelURL'


node infcnv

returns useage



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