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$ cnpm install @framejs/cli 
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Frame CLI

Frame CLI is a dead simple reusable web component compiler and documentation tool.


Tiny tooling, non-opinionated, zero configuration, Typescript and SASS support with no overhead.

Integration ready

Compiles into UMD, bundle and clean vanillaJS automatically.


Compiles Markdown into static HTML and JSON, with live examples.

Getting started

Install the CLI

$ npm install -g @framejs/cli

Create a project

├── my-component.ts
├── my-component.scss
└── readme.md

From the project root run:

$ frame build

This will generate:

├── dist
│   ├── my-component.html // Component demo file
│   ├── my-component.json // Parsed markdown in json (including frontmatter keys)
│   ├── my-component.js // es6
│   ├── my-component.js.map // sourcemap
│   ├── my-component.bundle.js // Rollup IIFE es6 bundle
│   ├── my-component.bundle.js.map // Bundle sourcemap
│   ├── my-component.module.js // UMD module
│   ├── my-component.module.js.map // Module sourcemap
│   └── readme.md // Copied readme.md
├── my-component.ts
├── my-component.scss
└── readme.md

Inline CSS from SASS in component

In a <style> tag, make an absolute or relative path reference to sass file:

const template = `

SASS compiles into autoprefixed CSS 2 browser versions behind based on caniuse

Component styleguide

Frame CLI compiles all .md into HTML and JSON, not limited to components and follows the directory structure.

Inline component demo

In markdown write:

    <script src="my-component.bundle.js"></script>

Paths should be relative from the files location in dist folder.

All code in <template>...</template> will execute on demo page load.

Make a web component library

If you have a project like this, make a single my-component-libary.ts file that imports the other components and the compiler compiles it into UMD, bundle and es6:

├── my-component-libary.ts
└── components
    ├── my-component
    │   ├── my-component.ts
    │   ├── my-component.scss
    │   └── my-component.md
    └── my-other-component
        ├── my-other-component.ts
        └── my-other-component.md

In my-component-libary.ts:

@import './components/my-component/my-component.js';
@import './components/my-other-component/my-other-component.js';

When referencing to component files use ending .js so it works with native modules loading in supported browsers

Develop with watch and live reload

Work on components in sandbox / styleguide mode using the cli:

$ frame start --open

This creates a directory listing with links to independent component/docs in your project. To serve only a single component/doc use:

$ frame start --open --index path/to/component_or_doc.md

Publish dist to github pages

To share your component and documentation from project root run (assuming the project is a git repo):

$ frame build && frame publish

see more options in the CLI options table

CLI options

Command Option Description
frame build Compiles all files in project folder.
frame build -i, --index path_to.md Relative path to .md file to use as index html, defaults to a directory listing.
Command Option Description
frame start Compiles and watches for file changes
frame start -o, --open Opens styleguide in the default browser
frame build -i, --index path_to.md Relative path to .md file to use as index html, defaults to a directory listing.
Command Option Description
frame publish Publish dist to github pages (defaults to branch:gh-pages)
frame publish -d, --dir path/to/dist The base directory for all source files (defaults to dist).
frame publish -s, --source **/* The minimatch pattern or array of patterns used to select which files should be published.')
frame publish -b, --branch branch The name of the branch you'll be pushing to. The default uses GitHub's gh-pages branch, but this can be configured to push to any branch on any remote.
frame publish -r, --repository https://example.com/other/repo.git Url for the origin remote of the current dir (assumes a git repository)
frame publish -o, --origin origin The name of the remote you'll be pushing to. The default is your 'origin' remote, but this can be configured to push to any remote.
frame publish -m, --message 'commit message' The commit message for all commits (defaults to: 'update')
frame publish -t, --tag tag Create a tag after committing changes on the target branch. By default, no tag is created. To create a tag, provide the tag name as the option value.

Can you help?

Yes! The more people (and bots) the better.

Please create an issue, make a pull request, start a discussion or ping me on twitter - @emolrmoeller.


For development, you can use this demo project that uses all the features of the cli web-component-ui-demo

The future?

  • Implement a testing suite like web-component-tester.
  • Make the documentation pages themable and add features reading from package.json. Like add a git link if git has been configured in a package.json file for example.
  • Update style on documentation in general.
  • Have tests on this codebase.

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