The default ESLint config for Fooxly projects using React Native.
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$ cnpm install @fooxly/eslint-config-react-native 
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Fooxly ESLint Config for React Native

The default ESLint config for Fooxly projects using React Native.

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:cloud:  Installation

using npm

npm install --save-dev @fooxly/eslint-config-react-native

using yarn

yarn add -D @fooxly/eslint-config-react-native

:triangular_ruler:  Usage

We recommend using Babel's ESLint parser.

using .eslintrc

  "parser": "babel-eslint",
  "extends": ["@fooxly/eslint-config-react-native"]

using package.json

"eslintConfig": {
  "parser": "babel-eslint",
  "extends": ["@fooxly/eslint-config-react-native"]

:straight_ruler:  Our Configuration

This configuration extends our React config with a few additional rules for React Native.

No Inline Styles

Logging level: Error

Unless variables (like Animations) are used for inline styling, these slow down your app (mostly during re-renders) and are therefore not allowed.

No Unused Styles

Logging level: Error

This one is obvious, reduces the bundle size due to the styles not being used anyways.

No Color Literals

Logging level: Warning

We (like others) prefer storing all our color variables inside a theme file (like styled-components theming) or folder.

Splitting Platform Components

Logging level: Warning

Splitting platform-specific parts of your app in multiple files produces the correct bundle per platform.

No Single Element Style Arrays

Logging level: Error

These cause an unnecessary performance loss due to the array's identity changing on every re-render, and are therefore not allowed.

:label:  Badge

Are you using this in one of your projects? Include this badge in your README to let others know that your code is using the Fooxly code style.



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