Simple node app to log http request into your console
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$ cnpm install @floriandorau/httplog 
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Simple node app to log http request right into your console.


Run the following to install httplog globally on your system.

npm install -g @floriandorau/httplog

After that run httplog --help to see how it works.

How it works

Use the following command to start a local http server running at port 8080.

httplog 8080

You can now redirect your traffic to the started http server. Your request data will dumped into you console.



Use this option to make your httplog server available over the public internet, e.g.

httplog 8080 --ngrok

With the above command the port 8080 will be exposed using the ngrok service.

proxy-mode [Beta]

Use this option to make httplog acting as a proxy, e.g.

httplog 8080 --proxy-mode localhost:8081

With this each incoming request at port 8080 will be forwarded to port 8081 too.

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