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$ cnpm install @financial-times/ip-wxp-scripts 
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This module provides a set of commands that can be used to run mocha with different configurations on a project. This can be imported into each project thereby eliminating the need to setup mocha configuration on each project individually.


  npm install -D @financial-times/ip-wxp-scripts


The following commands can be used with this module:

ip mocha [option] [globs] 

Where option can be : all | server | client | snapshots | debug | report

If no option is provided the default value will be 'all' and globs is the glob pattern you want to include in your test run, if no glob provided default value will be '**/*.spec.js'.

ip mocha all: runs the tests specified in default value of globs with all of the mocha configuration ie server, dom, snapshots.

ip mocha server globs: runs the tests specified in globs with basic mocha configuration.

ip mocha dom globs: runs the tests specified in globs with basic mocha and dom congifuration.

ip mocha snapshots globs: runs the tests specified in globs with basic mocha and snapshot congifuration.

ip mocha reshoot globs: runs the snapshot command with process.env.CHAI_JEST_SNAPSHOT_UPDATE_ALL set to true, to allow capturing the snapshots required for the tests.

ip mocha [option] [glob] --report: runs tests as per the option and glob and runs report task to create reports on coverage.

ip mocha [option] [glob] --inspect-brk|inspect[=XXXX]: runs tests as per option and glob , with inspector agent enabled at default port 9229, if no port is provided as an argument on the command line.

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