Welcome to the Fergus Component Library (K9)
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Fergus Component Library (K9)

Welcome to the Fergus Component Library (K9)

For an interactive site where you can play with components, please visit Fergus K9 Storybook

What is it?

The Fergus Component Library (K9) is a package of UI components developed internally. It is developed and maintained to a high standard and follows strict design and coding best practices.

Who is it for?

Fergus K9 is intended to be used by developers working on the Fergus application.

How do I use it from the main Fergus application?

import { Button } from '@fergus-software/k9'

You can now use <Button /> like any other imported component.

General Guidelines


This project uses TSLint and it is included in the webpack build step. If there are any errors you will be prompted to fix them before you are allowed to compile. Please install the appropriate TSLint extension for your IDE to see linting errors as you are developing the code.

Example: Take the following TSLint rule we have for example "prefer-const": true

If we type following code into the IDE

render() {
        let text = 'use const unless you have a reason not to!';
        return (

We will get a warning in the IDE (because of the TSLint extension)

Identifier 'text' is never reassigned; use 'const' instead of 'let'. (prefer-const)tslint(1)

Since this is only a warning, we can choose to ignore and compile anyway. (Bad practice! Your PR will be rejected)

Please read the tslint.json file to familiarize yourself with the linting rules used in Fergus K9.


Every component must have tests.

For more information please visit the Fergus K9 Wiki - How to write tests

File / Folder structure

Please follow the correct structure when organising files and folders inside this project

For more information please visit the Fergus K9 Wiki - File and Folder structure

Component Code Standards

Please aim to keep the code in Fergus K9 up to standard

For more information please visit the Fergus K9 Wiki - Component Code Standards

Local Styles

Fergus K9 uses local styles following React best practices

For more information please visit the Fergus K9 Wiki - Modular LESS

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