Official Famenun CLI for Famenun Apps management
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$ cnpm install @famenun/cli 
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Famenun CLI

Famenun CLI let's you manage your famenun apps and take common actions on them. For developers it's quite handy to manage apps using CLI than using the classical way of website

  • NPM based
  • Simple commands
  • Open Source

New Features!

  • Now you can create a simple app template
  • Some bugs removed

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Famenun CLI requires Node.js v4+ to run.

Just get your hand on Famenun-CLI from NPM using following command

$ npm install @famenun/cli -g


$ npm i @famenun/cli -g

Don't forget to put the -g flag to install the CLI globally


For now Famenun-CLI supports the following commands and we have plans to cover more commands in future very soon

Command Usuage Params Flags
login Start a new session -h or --help
logout Destroy current session -h or --help
create Start a new project OPTIONAL: app name -y or --yes and -h or --help
publish Publish app in current directory -h or --help
help Prints all supported commands -h or --help
Flag Usuage
-h or --help Print the usuage of the command
-y or --yes Skip basic questionaire while creating project

Image of Famenun CLI Commands


Want to contribute? Great! We need contributers play with repo and let us know


  • Write Tests
  • Better code
  • Add more functionality realted to project management

Important Resources



Free Utility, We all love that!

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