A stylelint processor for styled-components
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$ cnpm install @fabb/stylelint-processor-styled-components 
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Lint your styled components with stylelint!

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You need:

(npm install --save-dev

Now use those in your .stylelintrc and run stylelint with your JavaScript files!

  "processors": ["stylelint-processor-styled-components"],
  "extends": [

NOTE: The processor works with Flow- and TypeScript-typed files too! (we'll assume TypeScript usage if your files end in .ts or .tsx)


Further documentation for this processor lives on the styled-components website!


Why does it throw Unexpected token? Even thought the file didn't import styled-components.

You can custom babel plugins by option.parserPlugins now. An API example is our test. But if someone can implement #231, that will be much better.

Why does it throw unexpected lint errors?

The processor can not always parse interpolations with right things. But you can use interpolation-tagging to help it. If you have ideas to make it more intelligent, feel free to send a PR or share your solution by an new issue.

I don't want specified tagged template literal to be parsed, i.e. css.

You can set option.strict. More examples are in #258.


Licensed under the MIT License, Copyright © 2017 Maximilian Stoiber. See LICENSE.md for more information!

Based on Mapbox' excellent stylelint-processor-markdown, thanks to @davidtheclark!

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