unofficial react-native bridge for Facetec's Zoom SDK
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$ cnpm install @exodus/react-native-facetec-zoom 
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unofficial react-native bridge for Facetec's Zoom SDK.


  • liveness detection
  • ...TODO



npm i -S tradle/react-native-facetec-zoom
react-native link react-native-facetec-zoom


This library has been tested with version 8.1.0 of the SDK

First, download ZoomAuthentication.framework from one of these sources:

Unzip the file, locate ZoomAuthentication.framework, copy it to your ios/ directory, and drag it to your project in XCode (Check the Copy items if needed option when asked)

Add a Copy File phase to your Xcode project and have ZoomAuthentication.framework copied to Destination Frameworks

If you have an Objective-C project, add a blank Swift file to your project (File -> New -> Swift File), with a bridging header (it will prompt you to auto-create one).

add NSCameraUsageDescription to your Info.plist, e.g.:

<string>verify liveness with Zoom</string>


In your project's build.gradle (android/build.gradle), add the maven block below:

allprojects {
  repositories {
    //  ...
    maven {
        url 'http://maven.facetec.com'

If you want to override the default version of the Zoom SDK, add:

ext {
  // ...
  zoomSdkVersion = '7.0.11' // <--- whichever version you want to use
  // ...

This module depends on [react-native-image-store](https://github.com/tradle/react-native-image-store), so you'll need to npm install and react-native link that one too.

## Usage

See example app at https://github.com/tradle/rnzoomexample

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