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Form Component

Live Demo

A simple React form component to gather data from users.

The component takes a fields prop and generates a form interface. When the user clicks the "Submit" button, the onSubmit callback is called with a responses object.

Server requests are not within the scope of this componenet; you can do whatever you like with the data that is returned.

There are a few extra features like validation for required fields, all detailed below.

The component comes with a set of default styles, which you can override if you like.

If you have a feature request, please open an issue and we'll get to it asap.


yarn add @exodus/react-form

You will also need some CSS to make it look right. This should be included alongside the component. An example theme can be found in styles.scss

Input Types

The live demo demonstrates all supported input types:

  • short_text: Simple text input.
  • free_text: Paragraph input.
  • boolean: Displays two radio inputs with "Yes" & "No" labels.
  • dropdown: This will always have isSet as true, since the first of the choices will be selected by default.
  • multiple_choice: If single_answer is set to true, it displays the options as radio inputs, if not then as checkboxes.
  • date: Returns a date in the format yyyy-mm-dd
  • numeric: Accepts float as well as int values.
  • file: Provide an array of accepted file types when using this type.

Example Usage

The following is a complete example which includes:

  • A sample array passed as the fields prop, showing what data to include for each input type. For example, the file type expects a supported_file_types array.

  • Usage of the loading prop: The "Submit" button is deactivated when set to true. (optional)

  • Usage of showWarning and warningText props: Shows warning text beneath the "Submit" button. (optional)

  • Beneath the code example, there is a sample responses object. This is what you can expect the onSubmit callback to receive.

import React from 'react'
import ReactForm from '@exodus/react-form'
import '~/styles/react-form.scss'

// Example fields data
const fields = [
    body: 'Full name', // Question text
    type: 'short_text',
    required: true,
    id: '22e55a',
    body: 'Email',
    type: 'short_text',
    required: true,
    validate: 'email',
    id: '22e55e',
    body: 'Summary',
    type: 'free_text',
    required: false,
    id: '22e55f',
    id: '22e55g',
    type: 'file',
    body: 'Resume',
    supported_file_types: ['pdf', 'doc', 'docx', 'jpg', 'png'],
    required: false,
    body: 'Test Yes/No',
    type: 'boolean',
    required: true,
    id: '22e560',
    body: 'Test Dropdown',
    type: 'dropdown',
    required: true,
    choices: [
      { body: 'choice 1', id: '107f36' },
      { body: 'choice2', id: '107f37' },
    id: '22e561',
    body: 'Test Multiple choice',
    type: 'multiple_choice',
    required: true,
    choices: [
      { body: 'choice 1', id: '107f38' },
      { body: 'choice 2', id: '107f39' },
    id: '22e562',
    body: 'Test Multiple choice (single answer)',
    type: 'multiple_choice',
    required: true,
    single_answer: true,
    choices: [
      { body: 'choice 1', id: '107f3a' },
      { body: 'choice 2', id: '107f3b' },
    id: '22e563',
    body: 'Test Date',
    type: 'date',
    required: true,
    id: '22e564',
    body: 'Test Number',
    type: 'numeric',
    required: true,
    id: '22e565',

class MyPage extends React.PureComponent {
  constructor(props) {

    this.state = {
      requestPending: false,
      showWarning: false,
      warningText: '',

    this.onSubmit = this.onSubmit.bind(this)

  onSubmit(responses) {
    // do whatever, such as parse the response and send to a server

      requestPending: true,

    fetch(`/submit-form`, {
      method: 'post',
      body: JSON.stringify({ shortcode: '1234', data: responses }),
      .then((response) => {
        if (response.status === 200) {
          window.location.href = '/job-application-submitted'
      .catch((err) => {

          requestPending: false,
          showWarning: true,
          warningText: 'There was an error and the application was not submitted!',

  render() {
    const { requestPending, showWarning, warningText } = this.state
    return (

export default MyPage

Example responses object passed to the onSubmit callback as its first parameter. The object keys are the ids that were passed to the component with the fields prop. For required fields, isSet will always be true.

  // short_text
  '22e55a': { value: 'Barty Crouch', isValid: true, isSet: true },

  // short_text (validate: 'email')
  '22e55e': { value: 'barty@gmail.com', isValid: true, isSet: true },

  // free_text (required: false)
  '22e55f': { value: '', isValid: true, isSet: false },

  // file
  '22e55g': { value: { name: 'file.txt', data: 'alskdfj;ak' }, isValid: true, isSet: true },

  // boolean
  '22e560': { value: false, isValid: true, isSet: true },

  // dropdown
  '22e561': { value: ['107f36'], isValid: true, isSet: true },

  // multiple_choice
  '22e562': { value: ['107f38', '107f39'], isValid: true, isSet: true },

  // multiple_choice (single_answer: true)
  '22e563': { value: ['107f3a'], isValid: true, isSet: true },

  // date
  '22e564': { value: '2020-01-24', isValid: true, isSet: true },

  // numeric
  '22e565': { value: 123, isValid: true, isSet: true },

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