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$ cnpm install @exodus/prices 
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Historical Cryptocurrency Prices

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You can use this JavaScript module to get historical prices for cryptocurrencies / blockchain assets.


npm i --save @exodus/prices





  • fromSym: <string>: An asset or fiat string symbol.
  • toSym: <string>: An asset or fiat string symbol.
  • date: <Date>: An instance of Date representing some date in the past.


global.fetch = require('node-fetch') // not necessary in the browser
const { fetchPrice } = require('@exodus/prices')

const t1 = new Date('2017-01-10 12:25 CST')
const btcPrice = await fetchPrice('BTC', 'USD', t1)
console.log(btcPrice.toFixed(2)) // => 903.30

const ethPrice = await fetchPrice('ETH', 'USD', t1)
console.log(ethPrice.toFixed(2)) // => 10.47


  1. Requires global.fetch

this depends on fetch() being defined globally.

  • If you are using this in Electron, it should work without any configuration assuming it's running in the renderer process.
  • If you are using this in Node.js, you will need to use node-fetch.
  1. This depends upon the cryptocompare API.

  2. Granularity is only limited to daily. Thus, anytime in the day uses a simple linear interpolation between the open and close prices.

  3. Occasionally cryptocompare's historical data changes. See https://github.com/ExodusMovement/audit-pricing/commit/2f9cc8cb61eb2e38983c3fee704943d67c6a9ef5 as an example.

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