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$ cnpm install @estos/livechat-development 
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Simplifes the development of LiveChat plugins.

This tool will automatically update your local plugin on every code change.


Install the tool with

npm install -g @estos/livechat-development


Run this tool in your plugin folder:

cd <your plugin filder>

In your LiveChat client you have to enable the developer mode in SettingsPluginsDeveloper Mode.

Afterwards the client will poll the livechat-development tool and reload the plugin on every file change.


You can specify the port of livechat-development by specifying it as an argument. E.g.: livechat-development 9922. The default port is 8027.

You need to add this port also in your config.json:

  "app": {
    "pluginsDev": [

If you want to develope several plugins simultaneously you can start livechat-development for each plugin with a different port.


livechat-development is licensed under the MIT License.

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