A set of scripts to make a essex javascript engineer's life easier
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$ cnpm install @essex/scripts 
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This package provides scripts for common build tooling for the essex team. The philosophy of these scripts are to provide a recommended configuration while allowing for escape-hatching.


Add the following configuration to your package.json. If you're in a monorepo, this should be defined at the top level:

	"devDependencies": {
		"@essex/scripts": "<latest version>"
	"prettier": "@essex/prettier-config",
	"husky": {
		"hooks": {
			"pre-commit": "essex pre-commit",
			"commit-msg": "essex commit-msg"

The prettier section allows for pretty-quick (used by our build system) and Visual Studio Code to detect the active prettier configuration.
The husky section wires our scripts into the husky hooks.

Additional build tooling is wired in via invoking essex. Check out the available scripts and recipes below.


Scripts are invoked via the essex CLI tool. Commands are in the form essex <commmand> <options>.
To view detailed options, run essex <command> --help or essex --help


	"name": "monorepo-root",
	"private": true,
	"scripts": {
		/* orchestrate child packages */
		"clean": "lerna run clean --stream --parallel",
		"build": "lerna run build --stream",
		"build:ci": "lerna run build --stream -- --docs",
		"bundle": "lerna run bundle --stream",

		/* use @essex/scripts for top-level checks */
		"lint": "essex lint",
		"lint:ci": "essex lint --docs",
		"test": "essex test",
		"test:ci": "essex test --coverage",

		/* hook for CI builds */
		"ci": "run-s lint:ci build:ci bundle test:ci"
	"name": "library-package",
	"version": "1.0",
	"main": "dist/cjs/index.js",
	"module": "dist/esm/index.js",
	"types": "dist/types/index.d.ts",
	"scripts": {
		"build": "essex build",
		"clean": "essex clean",
		"start": "essex watch"
	"name": "webpack-app",
	"private": true,
	"scripts": {
		"bundle": "essex bundle",
		"clean": "essex clean build",
		"start": "essex serve"
	"name": "storybook-app",
	"private": true,
	"scripts": {
		"clean": "essex clean storybook-static",
		"start": "essex start-storybook",
		"bundle": "essex build-storybook"

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