A set of hooks for use with react
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Provides a set of useful react hooks for common applications

List of available Hooks:

  • useDimensions: getting the dimensions of the given element
  • useSelectionHandler: provides basic selection handling
  • useLongRunning: invokes a long running task, and provides a loading flag
  • useDebouncedCallback: creates a debounced callback
  • useDynamicData: allows for the use of a dynamic data source
  • useEventListener: adds various listeners to the given element and cleans them up when done
  • useMousePosition: gets the current mouse position on the given element
  • useScrollListener: adds a scroll listener to the given element
  • useToggle: hook for a toggleable state
  • useDestroyable: hook for using a destroyable thing, so when the value changes
  • useInterval: creates an interval with the specified delay, and clears it on unmount


Licensed under the MIT License.

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