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$ cnpm install @eniromaps/seeder 
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Seed TMS tiles and store them on Amazon S3 under a specific tile version. Tiles can later be fetched via a tile-broker.

The seeder will push jobs on a priority job queue backed by the redis instance at REDIS_URL. Jobs are pulled from the queue by tile-workers who will render the tiles and store them on Amazon S3 under the correct tile version.


$ git clone git@bitbucket.org:eniro/seeder.git
$ cd seeder
$ npm install


The following environment variables can be set. They can later be overridden by command line args.

$ export REDIS_URL=<redis-server-url> #default is redis://


$ bin/seed.js <options>

The following options are available:

  • --redisUrl

    set redis url (override $REDIS_URL)

  • --layer

    The layer to seed. e.g map or nautical

  • --zoom

    Comma separated list of zoom levels to seed

  • --metaTileSize

    Meta tile size. Default is 3.

  • --concurrency

    Number of meta tiles that should be processed at the same time. Default is 5.

  • --tileVersion

    The new tile version. Default is todays date e.g 20160223

  • --shp

    Shapefile with seeding bounds.


$ bin/seed.js --layer=map --zoom=15,16,17 --shp=shape/ag_omr.shp

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