REST API for Schema.org mongoose schema spidered the elioWay.
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$ cnpm install @elioway/bones 
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Dropping the pretence one thing is so different from another. Tim Bushell

REST API for Schema.org mongoose schema spidered the elioWay.

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Mongo issues

Post Install: Doesn't start or can't find it

sudo mongo

Enter your sudo password then:

show dbs

If this works, you're good to go.

If you get an error like "I can't see a server":

sudo systemctl unmask mongodb
Unit mongodb.service does not exist, proceeding anyway.
sudo service mongod start


git clone https://gitlab.com/elioschemers/bones/
cd bones
npm install


Create a .env file in the root directory. It should have the following settings:

ENDOSKELETON='ThingOnAShoeString'|see spider app for more options
EXOSKELETON='boney'|'jsonApi'|write one!

Seeing is believing

npm run devstart

Curling is seeing

Get all Things

curl -X GET http://localhost:3030/engage/Thing

Add a Thing

curl -X POST http://localhost:3030/engage/Thing \
    -d name='Thing Red' \
    -d disambiguatingDescription='Thing is red'

Get a Thing

curl -X GET http://localhost:3030/engage/Thing/5b55beed33fa1d4ed364c85f

Update a Thing

curl -X PUT http://localhost:3030/engage/Thing/5b55beed33fa1d4ed364c85f \
    -d alternateName='Thing 1 is the King of Things' \
    -d description='There is a thing, then there is Thing 1. No two things are the same. Thing 1 is best.'

Remove Thing by ID

curl -X DELETE http://localhost:3030/engage/Thing/5b617b518598fe12ae92d634


These might be helpful

These were helpful

Core! Ta Very Much


MIT Tim Bushell


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