Small vinyl-stream wrapper -aka Gulp plugin- for eslint.
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$ cnpm install @eklingen/vinyl-stream-eslint 
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Small vinyl-stream wrapper -aka Gulp plugin- for eslint

Run eslint within your streams. Supports automatic fixing of files. Also has a fast method for more speed, and a slow method for more control.

NOTE: No tests have been written yet!


yarn install. Or npm install. Or just copy the files to your own project.


const eslintWrapper = require('@eklingen/vinyl-stream-eslint')


There are a few options you can play with:


Configuration options for eslint, passed verbatim. These are the default settings (they may differ from eslint's own defaults).

  eslint: {
    allowInlineConfig: true,
    cache: true,
    cacheLocation: cacheLocation: join(process.cwd(), 'node_modules/.cache/eslint/'),
    cwd: process.cwd(),
    fix: true,
    fixTypes: ['problem', 'suggestion', 'layout'],
    ignore: true,
    reportUnusedDisableDirectives: false,
    globInputPaths: true


You can pass a configuration object, a string to the configuration file or leave it out. When you leave it out, eslint will try to find the configuration file by itself. This is usually the best option.

  config: { ... }
  config: '../.eslintrc.js'


This will determine wether to fail or not. Useful in a pre-commit hook, for example.

Fast method vs Slow method

This plugin offers two different methods of running eslint.

Fast method

When you pass a files glob, any files in the stream are ignored (you can set your stream src to read: false). You can set fix: true to have eslint apply fixes directly to the source files on disk. This is mainly useful to simply lint everything and output the results.

  files: 'src/scripts/**/*.js',
  fix: true

WARNING: Autofixing is slightly flakey. It might take two or three passes to fix everything in a file.

Slow method

When you pass files through the stream (don't pass a files options), it will then remove those files from the stream. If you set fix: true any fixes are applied, and these fixed files are pushed back into the stream. This is mainly useful to lint individual files, like in a watch callback.

  fix: true


This package requires "eslint".

Copyright (c) 2019 Elco Klingen. MIT License.

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