Create new NodeJS empty files and module directories with touch and mkdir
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$ cnpm install @ebarahona/edcli -g
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npm package to create directories and files with basic node templates using UNIX like commands touch and mkdir.


I work with NodeJS for server side applications and manually create modules and JS files, although simple and small I got tired of repeating the same small task so I wrote this to automatically generate common files. This also helps to keep things consistent.

Why "edcli"? Because, "ed-cli" was already taken.


Download or clone repo then:

$ cd edcli

$ npm install -g


Use the package from the directory where you would like to generate module folders or files

Create a file:

cd my-app
edcli touch <file-name> or <file-name.js>

Create a module (creates directory and index.js in given directory):

edcli mkdir <module-name>


Will convert camelcase names to dash (hyphen) separated names

Example output file

/* jshint node: true, devel: true */
'use strict';

 * Required Dependencies 
 * go here

const helloWorld = () => {
  console.log('Hello World');  

const API = {

module.export = API;


Clean up

Add template options ie; --html, --js etc..

Add more commands

Add tests

Much more!

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