A tool to gather everything you need to deploy a new project
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Project Filler CLI

What is it for ?

This project aims to help developers to fill most programming projects (JavaScript, TypeScript, Angular, JAVA..) with tools and good practices proposed by Zenika. It is a command line interface that will detect your project's stack and will search for rules to apply corresponding to these stacks.

How can I use it ?

For the moment, the project is not really usable, but you can try it using the binary release corresponding to your platform. Download the release tarball, decompress it, and run the bin/project-starter-cli binary in your shell like this :

./bin/project-starter-cli /path/to/your/project

If you are a developer and would like to contribute to the project, just clone or fork the repository, and to launch it without needing to make a tarball, just launch this command at the root of the project :

bin/run /path/to/your/project

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