GUI for gemini testing utility
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Gemini GUI

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GUI for gemini utility.



Install globally with npm:

npm i -g gemini-gui


To be able to use GUI on a project you must have gemini installed locally in this project. GUI will not work with gemini below 2.0.0.

Run in the project root:

gemini-gui ./path/to/your/tests

Web browser with GUI loaded will be opened automatically.


  • --config, -c - specify config file to use.
  • --port, -p - specify port to run GUI backend on.
  • --hostname, -h - specify hostname to run GUI backend on.
  • --root-url, -r - use specified URL, instead of rootUrl setting from config file.
  • --grid-url - use specified URL, instead of gridUrl setting from config file.
  • --screenshots-dir, -s - use specified directory, instead of screenshotsDir setting from config.
  • --grep, -g - find suites by name. Note that if some suite files specified search will be done only in that files.
  • --debug - enable debug mode (verbose logging).
  • --auto-run, -a - run gemini immediately (without pressing run button).
  • --set, -s - run set specified in config.
  • --no-open, -O - not to open a browser window after starting the server.
  • --reuse - filepath to gemini tests results directory OR url to tar.gz archive to reuse
  • --reuse-request-timeout - request timeout in milliseconds (for downloading tar.gz archive to reuse)

You can also override config file options with environment variables. Use gemini documentation for details.

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