NRN and related smart contracts
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Stem and related smart contracts

This repository is home to all of doc.ai's smart contracts. It makes available the smart contracts themselves (in solidity), the tests that we run against each contract, and evaluations of these contracts in terms of properties such as gas overhead and security.

The respository also includes tools that can be used to deploy these contracts to Ethereum-based blockchains.

Smart contracts


To deploy a smart contract in this repository, you can use the deploy script. For example, to deploy the Stem contract through a geth node, assuming you start off in the respository root directory, you could run:

node deploy.js --provider-type ipc \
  --provider <path to geth ipc socket> \
  --contract-file src/stem.sol \
  --contract-name Stem \
  --sender-address <address of wallet which should send the transaction> \
  Stem STM 1200000

The last three positional arguments are passed directly to the contract constructor. In this case, they specify that the Stem contract should be deployed with name Stem, symbol STM, and with a supply of 1,200,000 tokens.

You can get more help on the deploy script at the command line:

node deploy.js --help

You can use the connect script to connect to a deployed contract. This is useful if you would like to interact with a contract that you deployed through a node REPL, for example.



Getting set up

Simply run:

npm install

Running tests

From project root:

npm test

To run specific tests:

npm test <path to test>

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