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$ cnpm install @dlorian/ts-factory-cli -g
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time-series-factory cli


time-series-factory (ts-factory or tsf) let you create times series mock data with your CLI.


Make sure you have installed node with npm on you machine;

How to install

Run the following command within your terminal

npm install -g @dlorian/ts-factory-cli

How to run

You can run ts-factory-cli either with Commander or Inquirer.

Choose the one you prefer or which is better supported by your terminal. There might be some issues with Inquirer. See here for supproted terminals.

Use it with Commander

To run it with Commander type the following

tsf -s 2019-01-01 -e 2020-01-01 -f json -g 15min

This will create a time series for the year 2019 with a quarter hour granualrity written as json.

Use it with Inquirer

To run it with Inquirer type the following


After that, you will ask some questions for time series creation.

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