Scripts used to abstract frontend projects tooling (webpack, babel, etc.)
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$ cnpm install @dixeed/angularjs-scripts 
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Scripts used to abstract frontend projects tooling (webpack, babel, etc.)

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This project is made to be used in Dixeed's projects thus its configuration may not suit every needs.


The projects using this script should meet some requirements in order for the scripts to work:

  1. Have an app folder containing the project source code.
  2. Node version >= 6.x

The script will build the project into a dist folder.

It has only been tested with node 6.11.2 so far


This project uses semantic-release to automatically handle semver bumps based on the commits messages.

To simplify commits messages redaction you can use npm run cm instead of git commit. To use that command make sure to git add your changes before.

This repo is configured to forbid commit messages that do not follow the Angular conventional changelog commit message format.


This project is inspired by several other projects:

I'd like to thank the owners/contributors of these great projects for their work. It definitely helped implementing what we saught after.

Webpack DLL benchmarks

With DLL Build 1st dev reload 2nd dev reload
No 53156ms 25595ms 24511ms
Yes 29373ms 23126ms 16551ms

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