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@discordia/action-weather-current @discordia/action-weather-current

What does this action do?

@discordia/action-current-weather uses the Open Weather API current weather endpoint to get the current weather in a location that the server member specifies. You must provide your own API key when creating an instance of this action.

The request comes in the form @BotName weather {city name} {state} {country code} where {state} and {country code} are each optional.


# install the module using npm
npm install @discordia/action-weather-current

# install the module using yarn
yarn add @discordia/action-weather-current


Add the query to the existing array of queries that your bot can respond to.

const DiscordiaFramework = require('@discordia/framework');
const actionJsonQuery = require('@discordia/action-weather-current');

const actions = [
  // Other actions can go here...
  actionJsonQuery('OpenWeather API Key'),

const myBot = new DiscordiaFramework('DISCORD TOKEN', actions);


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