Pjax - faster loading of HTML pages
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$ cnpm install @dinoreic/pjax 
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Pjax - faster HTML pages loading

How to use?

Pjax will replace only contents of MAIN HTML tag https://www.w3schools.com/tags/tag_main.asp

Simple manual usage

Load page using Pjax

import '@dinoreic/pjax'

// regular page load

// load page with no scroll and cache-control='no-cache'
Pjax.load('/about', { no_cache: true, no_scroll: true })

You will need to register document.on('click') handler to use Pjax.

Skip pjax on followin links and do location.href = target

Pjax.skip('/admin', '/login')

if you want to automaticly reload headers and a page on a different template, use unique template id meta tag

<meta name="pjax_template_id" content="foobar" />

No autoscrool to the top of the page

If target element (href link) or one of its paretns has defined one of the skiping classes, page window.scrollY will be kept.

Pjax.keep_scrool('.no-scroll', '.menu-heading', '.skill')

Execute action before pjax load and do not proceed if return is false

Pjax.before (href, opts) ->
  if opts.node
    if opts.node.closest('.in-popup')
      Dialog.load href
      return false

Init Pjax, + optionaly send function to execute on every page request

Pjax.init ->
  ga('send', 'pageview') if window.ga;

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