module for keeping track of paychecks and budgets
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$ cnpm install @dillonchr/bankrupt 
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A paycheck and budget balancer


npm i @dillonchr/bankrupt


This module is built to keep track of how much your paycheck was. What you're spending out of it. How much you allocate for your personal budget. And how much of your personal budget you've spent. When you get paid again you can reset your paycheck and keep the budget leftovers in your next budget. If you create a budget deficit, then that's on you. I don't track those because I like buying stuff.


You have several env variables to configure before you can use this module. Including the ephemeraldb ones.

  • BANKRUPT_PAYCHECK_COLLECTION - mongo collection name for paycheck transaction records
  • BANKRUPT_BUDGET_COLLECTION - mongo collection for budget users and their transactions
  • BANKRUPT_BUDGET_CUT - how much of each paycheck is cut out of each paycheck (in dollars)
  • BANKRUPT_BUDGET_USERCOUNT - how many people get a cut of the budget's cut

Paycheck submodule

You can get balance, spend, and reset on paycheck.

Budget submodule

You can get balance, spend, and reset. I wouldn't advise resetting manually though because paycheck hooks into budget to keep their transaction histories in sync. And balance and spend require user IDs. I use discord's user ID to find my records because discord is what my bot runs on that actually updates my budgets and paychecks.

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