A simple TCP proxy built using Node.js
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A simple TCP proxy that may be used to access a service on another network. Supports client certificates.

Based on node-tcp-proxy, converted to TypeScript and with added support for client certificates.

To connect a local port to a remote (or local) service:

tcp-proxy  --proxyPort port [--hostname <name or IP>] --serviceHost host1,host2 --servicePort port1,port2 [--q] [--tls [both]] [--pfx file] [--passphrase secret]  [--pfx-client file] [--passphrase-client secret]

Optionally, hostname specifies the IP address to listen at. Node.js listens on unspecified IPv6 address :: by default. If serviceHost and servicePort specify a comma separated list, the proxy will perform load balancing on a round-robin basis.

TLS can be enabled at the proxy port using the tls option. If followed by both, TLS is also used with the service. Use pfx option to specify server certificate, and passphrase to provide the password required to access it. Use pfx-client option to specify a client certificate for the service, and passphrase-client to provide the password required to access it.


Install node-tcp-proxy from npm, thus

sudo npm install -g @diginet/tcp-proxy

Programming Interface

To create a proxy in your own code

import { TcpProxy, TcpProxyOptions } from "@diginet/tcp-proxy"
const newProxy = new TcProxy(8080, "host", 10080)

To end the proxy


hostname can be provided through an optional fourth parameter e.g. {hostname:} to createProxy. Console output may be silenced by adding quiet: true e.g. {hostname:, quiet: true}.

If you specify more than one service host and port pair, the proxy will perform round-robin load balancing

const hosts = ["host1", "host2"]
const ports = [10080, 10080]
const newProxy = new TcpProxy(8080, hosts, ports)
// or const newProxy = new TcpProxy(8080, "host1,host2", "10080,10080")

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