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Truffle Box management functionality.

Provides behavior for unboxing a new project from a predefined Truffle Box.

Box Configuration

Truffle Boxes are configured via an optional truffle-box.json file in the box repo's root directory.

This box configuration file specifies an object containing the following properties:

  • ignore

    A list of relative paths to files that should be removed upon box unpack. Useful to remove box READMEs or other artifacts that pertain to box but not the set-up Truffle project.


    "ignore": [
  • commands

    An object mapping supported behaviors for project to invoked command strings.

    truffle unbox prints commands to screen upon unboxing for documentation purposes.


    "commands": {
      "compile": "truffle compile",
      "migrate": "truffle migrate",
      "test": "truffle test"
  • hooks

    An object to specify commands to run at particular steps in the unbox process. Maps strings identifying individual hooks to command strings.


    "hooks": {
      "post-unpack": "npm install"

Available Unbox Hooks

  • post-unpack

    If provided, runs command after box files are fetched and cleaned up for a new project.

    Commonly useful to install dependencies, e.g.

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