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Dev Protocol

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Dev Protocol

This repository is the place to develop smart contracts for Dev Protocol.

How to use

Deploy a mock to your local network

First, install this repository as an npm package.

> npm i -D @dev-protocol/protocol

Prepare a local network using Ganache, etc.

Finally, run the following command to deploy a mock.

> dev-protocol mock --host --port 7545

How to contribute:

Read the contributing guide, and create PR when you have time. ????✨

How to setup

Executing the following command will compile each contract.

git clone https://github.com/dev-protocol/protocol.git
cd protocol
npm i
npm run generate

run the following command to test each contract.

npm test

create a .env file like following, and run the command to deploy a mock. ( Beforehand, please prepare a local network using Ganache, etc. )

# .env
npm run deploy mock

If you use Visual Studio Code, we recommend that you install the following plug-ins:


How to publish the first policy

First, deploy this protocol:

npm run deploy <network>

Then, calling PolicyFactory.create using Truffle console:

npx truffle console --network <network>
# Truffle console is launched
> Promise.all([PolicyFactory.deployed(), TheFirstPolicy.deployed()]).then(([factory, policy]) => factory.create(policy.address))

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